Our working method strongly depends on the group of participants in each LAB and hosting location, which makes the outcome unexpected and unpredictable.

Cosmographia 2019

During ‘Cosmographia’ the artists explored the human body as the perceptual center between micro- and macrocosm. Like travellers putting their heads under the edge of the firmament. 
Your earth is my moon, your human subjectivity in relation to the celestial body, your human gravitational dilemma in relation to the celestial body.

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Ohriversum 2021

I am walking on the beach. The wind swirls around my body. The waves wash the shore, crashing onto the land in an endless phasing repetition, creating an oscillating swell of noise. 
I encounter a sea shell. I lift it up to put it towards my ear. And a maze of sound reveals itself to me.
This is where we placed the starting point of this LAB.

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Holy Grid! 2022

Look around you, look at your kitchen floor, your bathroom tiles, the windows on the other side of the street, the pavement of the sidewalk you are walking on, the bricks of the building’s wall next to you. Holy Grid! What’s going on? Is our brain really wired to organise our environment and thoughts into homogenous grids? This is what we explored and challenged during this LAB.

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