Sensory Threshold LAB is an art project that focuses on the artistic process as a means for investigating the world.

The Crew

We are Katherina Heil and Alexander Heil, both german artists based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Being engaged in a long conversation about our individual practices, art, architecture, science, and a philosophical reflection on our world, and what it means to be ‘in it’, we created the Sensory Threshold LAB as a platform for interdisciplinary exchange where we invite others to engage into this dialogue.

Our Philosophy

At Sensory Threshold LAB, we strive to create a vibrant and ever-growing network of former, present, and future participants and visitors who are inspired to return and introduce others to our experimental and integrative approach. Our goal is to connect various interdisciplinary practices, bringing together respective bodies of work and research to create thought-provoking experiences for ourselves and our viewers. We firmly believe in the potential of interdisciplinary exchange and the value of collective exploration.

One of our primary aims is to convey the concept of the intangible and invisible, often encountered in scientific research but also permeating art practice. The combination of different approaches creates a space where the viewer can engage with the interplay between different modes of perception and knowledge production. By fostering an environment of openness and experimentation, we aim to challenge traditional ways of thinking and inspire new forms of creative expression.

What we offer

The Sensory Threshold LAB offers participants the opportunity to freely explore within their media, exchange, collaborate, and test new approaches in a safe environment with like-minded individuals.

Throughout the working periods participants are taken out of their usual thinking norms and boundaries. Our working method strongly depends on the group of participants in each LAB and hosting location, which makes the outcome unexpected and unpredictable. The combinations of people, locations, and disciplines create a unique environment for experimentation and exploration within each LAB, blending together in exhibitions, workshops, and symposia. By building a community of practitioners, that are genuinely connected through their interests, practices, trust, and friendship we provide a unique experience.

We aim to draw attention to the processes and phenomena that shape our environment, sparking a dialogue about the role of art and science in contemporary society. Our motivation stems from the establishment of relationships with our audience through our artistic practices, collaboration, and playful experimentation. We approach our work with the curiosity and open-mindedness of a child, utilizing the tools at our disposal to explore the world around us.