*1nfΩ The ‘Sensory Threshold LAB’ was initiated by the artist Katherina Heil in 2019 and is a laboratory in which different practices engage in a dialogue and explore sensory thresholds. The name of the LAB refers to the so-called ‘Sensory Threshold’ where physical, sensual, and cognitive perception whether seems to be separated from one another or not detectable. The involved collaborating artists are especially interested in works that deal with the intangible (outer-) space and nature-related themes that question, contemplate or emphasize the meanings and deeper understandings of the human body (and mind) within the bigger context of the planet and the universe. The project serves as a platform to explore, research, imagine and create stories together that blend in exhibitions and symposia. As the gathering and collaboration with the artists are integral parts of this project, so is the resulting publication in the form of an exhibition, accompanied by an open symposium that involves the public.